1. Miss Madison

From the recording Real Life .:. High Fidelity

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written by Tim Whalen and Al Falaschi (Phat Phunktion Music/ASCAP)


I 90 to Chicago, Miss Madi starts calling me
She don’t even ask if I miss her
With open arms she’ll always be
Meet me at the bar on state street
Talk about the funky scene
Breathin in the air, people everywhere
Dancin like they just don’t care

My One, Miss Madison

Turn the key and hope for ignition
Then the rubbers gonna hit the road
I'm tired and I don’t have a penny
But its ok, cause I’m headin home
Dreamin of a night on the terrace
The moon's gonna light the stage
The Jokers in the mains
Tokers got it made
Wanna play the peach tree game

My One Miss Madison
My One Miss Madison

I travel down south to Miami
I wandered over to LA
I look up in the sky and I’m dreamin
Of miss madi, so far away
How you gonna dance with no music
Can’t sing if their ain’t a song
I call her on the phone
Says shes all alone
The Phunktion's on our way back home

My One Miss Madison
My One Miss Madison

Rolling home to Miss Madison
Bow bow bow bow