From the recording You and Me

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music by Tim Whalen, lyrics by Al Falaschi (Phat Phunktion Music / ASCAP)


It's Friday 5 PM let's begin
the weekend full of fun and friendly gatherings
for the next two nights turn on the lights "dance"
'cause you can't stand still when the Phunktion's playin' tight
one for the treble, two for the bass
three for the beautiful women that make my heart race
boom boom boom, the weekend party's here
everybody raise your glass CHEERS

when the beat gets heavy - there's nothin' I can do
it's our state of mind

Friday happenin' night club scene - look at the lovely ladies
Saturday night is for you and me - 'cause I wanna be with my baby
The weekend party freaks are filin' in - everybody be goin' crazy
We're gonna hit the groove again

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1
just slide over with your hands in the air
feel the bump from the trunk drivin' by
everybody stares over at the NY cutie with the dark hair
she don't mind the eyes, but take one step closer
and she'll tell you that "you're not my type of guy"
ooh the lady's playin' hard to get, but if your stuff is genuine
you can have your pick

rewind the tape to the top 'cause their ain't no groove
when the bass drops out then you face the final out
we'll keep it on a groove tip
mixin' up a funk trip, ain't nobody leavin' till the horns rip
throw your hands up in the air, the ladies jump up and the fellas glare
it's your last chance, do your freak dance
if you jump some more we're gonna break the floor