1. Higher

From the recording You and Me

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words and music by Tim Whalen (Phat Phunktion Music / ASCAP)


Heard your voice on the phone
Made me feel so alone
Need you here by my side
Let your hands caress my soul

i saw you standing at the crossroads
dealing with the pain and bullshit love had given to you two-fold
pendulum swings like a wrecking ball
shattering emotions that you thought were true and never fall
now you're writing up a whole new chapter
of a life with a man to live happily ever
after love there's death and in between there's me
so don't run from happiness you see

When you look to the sky, eyes open wide
All your questions, all you fears are gone
It's you that I adore
Don't hesitate, 'cause I can't wait
For your love to take me higher than I've ever been before

Life knows no time or place
When you love somebody truly
Just like floating in outer space
And time keeps on moving

he brought you pain, drove you insane
never thought that you'd have these ideas ingrained
in your head - spinning, forgiving, reliving
and a new game begins you got no chance of winning
now life gives a second chance
teaching you the true meaning of love and romance
let it take you higher and inspire, close your eyes
wake your soul - get up and dance