From the recording You and Me

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words and music by Vincent Jesse (Phat Phunktion Music / ASCAP)


Got me thinkin' about the way I felt
When you left the first time around
You seem to change from moment to moment
I can't deal with it all

So my friends, they tell me she's crazy
They tell me that I've suffered enough
You'll never understand the woman
You might as well give it up

I've done my best to reach you
Now it's time you do your part
Just show me the way - I can make you see
Tell me, How do I get to your heart?

So I give you my time
And I give you my money - that's not enough
So I'll give you the space in the hope that I find
A place in your heart

Now you're a part of me
So don't you break my heart
Just think about it baby
Think about it and you'll come around