1. Rock Star

From the recording You and Me

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words and music by Tim Whalen and Al Falaschi (Phat Phunktion Music / ASCAP)


Baby can't you see how it's gonna be
You keep walkin' the line
You say you're living free - no responsibility
Just please don't spill your wine

Hey now baby
don't you think that maybe I won't spread the news
That you can't really sing your blues

ROCK STAR - don't you wanna be
HOW FAR - from reality
you sing your song for no one
and they love your melody
ROCK STAR - don't you wanna be
HOW FAR - from reality
no one really loves you
but you think you hear them scream

Baby can't you see all the little thieves
They keep feeding you lines
You say they all want you - find a piece of your inner truth
"Hey woman, what's your sign?"

rock star, you stand up on your stage
thinking that the world is in envy of your style and grace
rock star, be careful what you wish for
you're feelin' too high but stevie warned you before
how far, from reality it's insanity
your propensity for vanity is your liability
don't deny, deep inside you're a ROCK STAR