1. Red Carpet

From the recording You and Me

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words and music by Tim Whalen (Phat Phunktion Music / ASCAP)


This song is dedicated
To all the artists that care and got a message
Get on the podium for poets, writers, scribes, and
Tribes of warriors finding the meaning of music through life
This ain't a game, and there ain't no prize
Seekers of the brass ring exit to the right
You think 'cause you got your hit you know what life's all about
Come on and step into my muse and I'll
Spit you back out!

You know that music is a sad affair when the owner of Seagrams
Tells you what to play, write, and wear
Without our music there is no business
Let's light up this joint - everybody be my witness
We'll all dance around the fire and ashes
and pray to God that Van Halen reunites to save the masses
We're in a culture of a quick fix
One hits written by chumps that take a sample from an old bit
Now I ain't askin' for no symphony
If you ain't feelin' this my cause is lost and gone
So go back into your room and "bust out" the "Thong Song"
What is that shit?
Junk on plastic
A corporate dinner party where the writer got his ass kicked
It's all a blur now
I'm just about to lose it
Tell me - Where's Miles…what happened to our music

you know that you will be forgotten (bye bye bye)
and when the lights go down
you will only be remembered for your pretty face
pretty face