1. Tell Me

From the recording Soul Juice

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words and music by Tim Whalen (Phat Phunktion Music / ASCAP)


I see your confusion
It’s so obvious to me
I hear your opinions
They set your insides free
I feel your confliction
But you put all your weight on me
And I get tired of your solutions
‘Cause they just ramble endlessly

I keep runnin’ around in circles
Getting pulled into your sound
You say one thing and then do the other
It spins me ‘round and ‘round
So tell me what it’s gonna be
And what you’re gonna do
Step in the the sun, it’s time to run
I’m comin’ after you

You see my reflection
Like a mirror of you through me
You feel my affection
I can tell by the way you breathe
I wanna get up! and lose it
And cross over that line
But you’ve made your point to me
I said I’ve lost your connection
So I’ll just try and let you be

I keep runnin’ around and searchin’
But the path, it never ends
I stretch, I reach, and I try and grab
You fade right through my hands
You tell me what’s it’s gonna be
And what you’re gonna do

My clock is TICKIN’!
My insides KICKIN!

Tell me!
Tell me what you need
Tell me!
Because I’m beggin’ on my knees
Tell me!
‘Cause I’m giving you all I can
Don’t tell me I should be a better man